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Guangdong International Capital

A notable boutique investment firm

Guangdong International Capital is a global provider of wealth management services and financial investment solutions. Through a custom approach, our process ensures that each client is provided with a bespoke investment experience, tailored entirely around his or her personal circumstances, day-to-day financial requirements and longer-term financial aspirations.

Under present economic conditions, investors are faced with a number of challenges as they seek to balance the risk vs reward conundrum in line with a level of tolerance. Guangdong International Capital works closely with each client in pursuit of wealth preservation and wealth accumulation through sound investment and risk management practices that prioritize investments made in value under a philosophy of absolute returns.

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Planning for tomorrow, today.

Financial planning solutions

Prepare for the unexpected and anticipate life events

We appreciate that personal circumstances are likely to change as life evolves. For this reason alone, each strategy formulated by Guangdong International Capital encompases the characteristics that we believe are paramount to the successful management of an active portfolio.

Portfolio Management

Working with clients to deliver an optimized portfolio under consideration of a unique tolerance towards risk.
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Retirement Planning

Maintain a lifestyle of comfort during your retirement years by planning for your expected needs.
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Estate Management

Helping investors to simplify the complexities that come with the possession of substantial wealth.
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Become our client

Working with a professional wealth manager to realize financial security is more important than ever.
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Risk management approach

Our approach and dedication to uncovering value begins with a responsibility to a rigorous risk management process. We seek to limit the frequency and severity of negative forces affecting the performance of assets as part of a diversified portfolio.

Retirement planning

Maintaining a lifestyle of comfort during your retirement years requires a great deal of planning. Guangdong International Capital can help you to create a vision of the future as realistic retirement plans are set to work towards providing for your chosen lifestyle.

Unique portfolio construction

Portfolios designed by a Guangdong International Capital specialist are constructed and maintained in line with client specific needs. Asset allocation is optimized to strike a favorable balance between income generation and asset growth. The balance is gauged on an assumption of risk with respect to an appropriate and achievable reward.